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Graduated in Art Education in 1994 from Unesp - Sao Paulo State University, in Bauru/SP. Then pursued her law degree, having completed her master's degree in 2010. In parallel to her career as a lawyer, she continued her research and production in Arts, experimenting over the years with various techniques , materials and supports.


Has participated in the last decades of individual and collective exhibitions inside and outside Brazil. From 2010 to 2014 she was represented by the now extinct Debut Contemporary Gallery in London. In 2014 founded the DOMI Online Art Gallery, a digital platform that serves artists, photographers and illustrators at different stages of their careers. Since 2016, she has taken advantage of her experience with the gallery, as well as her training in Personal & Professional Coaching, by the Brazilian Coaching Institute, to assist early career artists in Mentoring. She is part of the curatorial council of the Pinacoteca of Bauru/SP and also integrates the curator team of DOMI Online Art Gallery.


Her work walks comfortably between the figurative and the abstract, always emphasizing the use of colors and textures in delicate strokes that look like real "embroideries" made with watercolor and ink. She has now directed her artistic production to compositions that combine simplicity of the forms and complexity of the textures, venturing in ways never before crossed by it. She is influenced by several artists ... from Gustave Klimt, Alberto Sughi, Egon Schiele, Rothko, Ianelli and others. Nature is also a highlight to he work.




For me, either a sheet of white paper or a sheet of metal is a challenge and, at the same time, an invitation to the unexpected. Much more than a simple urge to draw, paint or sculpt, there is inside of me a need for physical expression using lines, shapes and colors.


During the process of creation and development of a work of art although I am, apparently, in charge of it, oddly enough, the work ends up getting a life of its own, seeking for new possibilities, new ways and new traces not previously considered, reaching always a surprising result.


The female forms have always been a great source of inspiration for me. Its lines and curves may suggest a multitude of sensations: from strength to gentleness, from joy to sadness, from euphoria to serenity, ... Added to this, I've always been fond of colors and of everything they represent. It is this kind of combination that makes me get to what my work is today.



My CV...


2018  Visualidades Simultâneas II, A. Messemberg Gallery, Bauru/SP - Group Show

2017  Visualidades Simultâneas I, A. Messemberg Gallery, Bauru/SP - Group Show


2016  Professional & Self Coach - IBC (Instituto Brasileiro de Coaching)

2016  Executive & Personal Coach - Line Coaching

2015  Founder of the Creative Artist (O Artista Criativo) blog,                 consulting and coaching


2014  Founder and Director of Domi galeria de arte online


2011  Debut Contemporary - London, England - Group Show


2010  Master’s Degree in Constitutional Law, ITE, Bauru, São Paulo.


2004  Post Graduation in Environmental Law, Cândido Mendes University,         Rio de Janeiro

2001  Bachelor in Law, ITE, Bauru, São Paulo.


1996  SENAC Art Gallery, Bauru, São Paulo – Solo Show.


1994  SENAC Art Gallery, Bauru, São Paulo – Solo Show.


1993  Bachelor in Fine Arts, São Paulo State University.

1992  12th CAFEARTES, Cafelândia, São Paulo – Group Show.


1990  São Paulo University, Bauru, São Paulo – Group Show.

1990  São Paulo University, Bauru, São Paulo – Group Show.


1980  Begins her first drawing classes


1972  Born in Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil

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